Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Need and Importance of Fusion Dashboard Page

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While some if not all of us are aware of the OTBI Reports, Dashboards, Prompts and other components, there must be some curious to know how does a dashboard helps when compared to a traditional report.
A dashboard is a fancy way of displaying data with the help of nice pie-charts, bars, numbers, colors and what not and the best part being you need not do something explicit to reach out to them. They are placed on the Homepage, Welcome Page and gives you a quick answer to your questions whether you are a Team Member, Project Manager and CFO/CTO/CIO.
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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Creating a BI Publisher Report from Web Service

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In this example we will take a publicly available Web Service and try to develop a report out of it. This kind of report generation primarily involves 2 steps as below:
Configuring the Web Service as a BI Publisher Data Source
  1. Creating a Data Model from the configured Data Source
  2. Developing a BIP Report from the data model created

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Absence Accrual Entry Details Report

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One of the most common requirements for any Oracle Fusion Application implementation project involving Fusion Absence Management Module is the Absence Accrual Entry Details Report. Simply explained, this may be considered as a medium via which we can have a consolidated view of the different accrual plans under which an individual is enrolled along with the corresponding accrual balance , reasons for absence adjustments ( additions / deductions based upon whether any additional balance were awarded or leaves taken respectively ) and their balance as on a specific date.
This report has multiple parameters including Legal Employer Name, Person Name, Absence Plan Name, Date….to name a few which provides various options to the end user to generate different output as per his/her specific needs.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Performing Mass Update in Oracle Fusion Applications

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While there are several methods of updating person records some of the most widely known ones being FBL (File Based Loader), HDL (HCM Data Loader) , Web Service Calls (eventually calls either the FBL or HDL loader service), Spreadsheet loaders or UI updates the most simple one is ‘Mass Update’.
This is a feature which is primarily designed to make bulk updates to records and is very easy and can be performed by either a Technical, Techno-Functional, Functional Consultants or for that matter even Business User. 

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A Whitepaper on Document of Records Explains What, Why along with a Use Case Example

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own

This article would try to explain about 'Document of Records' feature in Oracle Fusion Applications detailing about what does it stands for why the same is useful and also a worked example of the same. Not sure whether this feature is been used widely during implementations but could come handy if you are interested in storing data in digital format. for complete details refer article below:

A Whitepaper on Document of Records Explains What, Why along with a Use case Example

Monday, May 2, 2016

Creating Job Set in Fusion Applications

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Most of us from an EBS background might be aware of Request Set , the equivalent of the same in Oracle Fusion Applications is referred to as Job-Set where Job is referred to as individual ESS Job . A complete description of the same along with a sample example of creating a job-set can be found at below link:

Creating Job Set in Oracle Fusion Applications

Monday, April 18, 2016

Generating Letter format Reports in Fusion Applications - A Worked Example

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We have learnt how to create BIP Reports in Fusion Applications ( both on-premise and cloud deplyment) and so now its time to extend the dame knowledge to try and generate letter format reports.

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Generating Letter Format Reports in Fusion Applications - A Worked Example

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